Charitable Purposes


The TKWA is a “not for profit” entity. It is being registered as a charity in terms of the Charities Act 2006.

The specific clause in the Rules of the Association is stated here. Over recent years the prudent governance of the assets of the Association has required the financial reserves of the Association to be accumulated in order to mitigate risk.

The Committee will from time to time advertise for applications for grants in the local newspapers serving the Te Kauwhata district.

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12. Charitable Activities

The Association is a charitable body and the Committee shall at all times ensure this status is maintained.

Donations shall only be made when:

  • The Association has met all of its current financial obligations, and
  • The Association has no borrowings, and
  • The Reserves as defined in Clause 6.13.10 are, in the opinion of the Committee, fully funded, and
  • The Association has no litigation, contingent liability or dispute outstanding.

From time to time, the Committee may make charitable Donations to Donees on such terms and conditions, including contingencies, it deems fit.

If the Committee wishes to make charitable donations, it shall advertise by way of a public notice in a newspaper circulating in the District, inviting qualifying organisations to submit applications.

All applications for Donations from potential Donees shall be in writing, accompanied by such supporting information the Committee requests and considered at a meeting of the Committee where notice of the application(s) has been given.

The Committee shall not consider any application for Donations from a local authority, government department, commercial entity, political party, individual, or organisations that breach the Human Rights Act or are not freely open to members from the whole community or where the donation is wholly or in part for personal gain.

The Committee may from time to time make such rules it deems fit relating to the administration of the Associationís charitable activities.

A schedule of Donations made during the previous financial year (if any) shall be tabled at each Annual General Meeting and following that meeting advertised as a public notice in a newspaper circulating in the District.

No Member, User or person associated with a Member or User shall be a direct beneficial recipient of any Donation made by the Association.

The annual financial review shall include the Donations made by the Association each year.

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