Our History

The Association was formed in 1983 as the “Te Kauwhata Irrigation Association”. In that year, the then Ministry of Works decided to divest the new “state of the art” irrigation scheme at Te Kauwhata. This had been built to service the extensive orchard and grape growing industries in the district.

The local growers banded together to form the Association. It then acquired the head-works on the river, the pumping facilities, filtration plant, rising main, reservoir and the irrigation network. These amenities were built to very high standards with considerable built-in redundancy.

Bulk water was also supplied for the Te Kauwhata Township potable supply operated by an autonomous Water Board. Today, the Association supplies the Waikato District Council with a bulk supply which is then treated in a "state of the art" facility for the local residential communities.

Over the years the rural activities have changed. In 2006, it was agreed to restructure the Association to meet new demands for its supply capacity. In that year the first extension to the scheme was commenced with a 6.5km spur north to Hampton Downs. This is able to serve the Springhills Corrections facility, Genesis dairy farms and other properties on Hampton Downs Road. In 2009 that extension was further expanded with 1.6km of spur lines, a booster pumping facility and an additional reservoir.

In 2013-15, the reticulation between Plantation Road and Rangiriri has been extensively upgraded as part of the reinstatement works required by the realignment of SH1.

By acquiring DSE all property owners automatically become members of the Association and are able to participate in governance matters.


Mail PO Box 15 Te Kauwhata. Free-Phone 0800 TKWATER Email water@tkwa.co.nz