The Rules

1. The name of the Association is TE KAUWHATA WATER ASSOCIATION (INCORPORATED) (the “Association”)

2. Definitions:

2.1 Associate Member

Any Associate Member as defined in Clause 4.3

2.2 Association Assets

All current and future operating assets (including the intake, head works, pumps, buildings, filters, rising main reservoir, irrigation network and meters, monitoring and telemetry systems, etc), administration equipment, water rights and licences, legal assets, financial assets, etc.

2.3 Capital Charge

This is the capital value of the Supply Entitlement being a share of the Association Assets as determined by the Committee from time to time (Clause 6.12).

2.4 Committee

As defined in Clause 6 of these Rules.

2.5 District

The area in the vicinity of Te Kauwhata, Meremere, and Rangiriri that can be serviced by the Association Assets and any future extensions thereto.

2.6 Donations

Includes, but not necessarily limited to, donations, grants, contributions, loans, advances, taking securities and providing guarantees including such conditions, contributions and contingencies as may be appropriate.

2.7 Donees

Any charity, welfare organisation, educational institution, sporting club or similar organisation operating within the District.

2.8 Excess Use Premium

The premium surcharge paid by any Member who exceeds their Supply Entitlement.

2.9 Member

Any Full Member as defined in Clause 4.2

2.10 Network

The Association’s irrigation current and future network including all valves, turnouts and meters.

2.11 Organisation

Any institution, authority, board, association, club, committee, company or person.

2.12 Penalties

Penalty payments including interest arising from breaches of the payment conditions of the Terms of Supply.

2.13 Property

A title that has an existing connection to the Network.

2.14 Property Owner

Any person, body corporate, trust or other entity owning land.

2.15 Registrar

The Registrar of Incorporated Societies or such other person authorised by statute.

2.16 Supply Entitlement

This is the daily water supply entitlement attached to every Property expressed in cubic meters. A Property may only have one Supply Entitlement.

2.17 Terms of Supply

The current terms and conditions relating to the supply of irrigation water to Members by the Association in terms of Clause 6.13.

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