Pricing All prices exclude GST. Effective from 1 January 2016

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription for Members of the Association is $60.00 invoiced in equal quarterly instalments.

Water Charges

The following charges shall apply to each Member until amended. (Except where contractual arrangements have been entered into with a Member)

  • $70.76 per quarter where the daily average usage is less than 2m

    (The minimum quarterly charge including subscription and GST is $92.49)

  • 42.0 cents for each additional cubic metre

  • Where the daily average usage is in excess of 10m 1.5 cents per m

    Where the daily average usage is in excess of 20m 2.5 cents per m

    Where the daily average usage is in excess of 30m 5.0 cents per m

  • Only by prior arrangement 75.0cpm

  • Installation $150 + $30 per month

    Note: A refundable bond may be required

  • 10% of the outstanding amount will be added to any invoice not paid by due date

  • 200% loading on every cubic metre supplied in excess of the average Daily Supply Entitlement (DSE) for the quarter. The extra water will be billed at $1.26m.

    Note: Where, in the opinion of the Association, there is repeated excessive daily water usage, the Association may require additional DSE be acquired or leased.

  • Where the Association has reason to believe a Member has (or has permitted any other person to do so) tampered with the meter or taken unauthorised supply, a minimum penalty of $1,500 shall be charged. Further, an invoice will be rendered for the assessed usage billed at the Casual Supply Rate. Supply will be discontinued and the Association may consider prosecution.

Connection Fees

Connection Fees are required obtain access to the Reticulation Network. This includes the turnout, isolating valve and 25mm meter. Where a larger meter (50mm) is required, a quotation will be provided.

  • Standard Where there is easy access to existing fittings $500

    Non-standard Where access is not straightforward $900

    Multiple connections as for a subdivision with an existing DSE, by negotiation.

  • $350 plus the current Annual Subscription above.

Capital Charges

Capital Charges apply to all new users and current Members who wish to, or are required to, increase their DSE. Capital Charges represent a share of the Association’s infrastructure of existing operating assets.


1. DSE is a once only charge and allows the owner to access the supply.

2. DSE belongs to the property and transfers upon any sale.

3. In the event of a subdivision, existing DSE is reallocated on a pro-rata basis with a minimum of 2m per lot.

4. Should bulk water be required, DSE is leased to the owner see below.

  • Capital Charge per m (The Minimum DSE is 2m) $475

Bulk Users and Leasing DSE

  • The Association will negotiate very competitive rates for the bulk supply of water such as for irrigation purposes. There are two components - the water charge and the lease of the required DSE. As each circumstance is different please contact the Association for further details.
    This water is available immediately without the need for the owner to file for abstraction consent from the Waikato Regional Council.
dry ground


This Schedule of Charges forms part of the Terms of Supply.

All amounts are GST exclusive. The charges and fees take effect from: 1st January 2016.

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